The History of Dahl

The History of Dahl

DAHL Plumbing has been part of our local communities for many years.  In 1992 DAHL was purchased by Hajoca, a privately held company founded in 1858.  Though owned by  Hajoca, a national distributor of wholesale plumbing products, Dahl continues to operate as a local entrepreneurial entity while utilizing the resources that Hajoca offers.

Today DAHL’s Premier Showrooms and professional staff strive to provide the ultimate in quality, design and exceptional services to all their customers.

Dahl History:

1972 – PHC Supply, Inc., founded by Harold Thomas.

1983 – added two locations, total three: Santa Fe, plumbing; Santa Fe, electrical; Albuquerque, plumbing.

1987- added fourth store: Rio Rancho, plumbing and electrical.

1988 – PHC purchased by Swedish based wholesaler, Ratos, doing business in the U.S. as Dahl U.S. Holdings. Durango, Colorado branch opened.

1989 – Merged with Ratos owned, Colorado-based, Universal Supply, consisting of 13 locations in Colorado. All stores known as Dahl, Inc.

1992 – December 7, Dahl purchased by Hajoca Corporation and became the Dahl Plumbing.

1999 – Taos, New Mexico location opens.

2001 – Greeley, Colorado location opens.

2006 – Loveland, Colorado location opens.

2015 – Boulder, Colorado location opens.